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Comprehensive Title Search By An Experienced Real Estate Lawyer

Last updated on August 24, 2020

Title is the legal term for ownership and the right to use a piece of real estate. It is vital to know that the seller of a home or commercial property has clear title to the property, and thus can transfer full ownership to the buyer. Otherwise, the buyer could be exposed to unanticipated and expensive litigation in the coming months or years.

Know The Title History Before You Buy Any Real Property

Buyers and sellers in Louisiana can turn to a trusted real estate lawyer to perform a title search before closing. At Gayle Law Firm, our attorney has performed this important task for clients for more than 20 years. He will handle every legal aspect of your real estate matter personally, so you will know if there are any title defects, such as:

  • Rival past ownership claims
  • Liens
  • Positive and negative easements

Our founding attorney performs a detailed and complete title search and will uncover any defects, which can lie hidden for decades. Unlike a title company, he represents you and can give you advice on how to proceed if he discovers a defect.

Respected Lake Charles Real Estate Attorney

Clearing title is just a part of the real estate transaction services our firm provides. Our firm’s attorney has lived in Lake Charles most of his life. His reputation in the real estate industry is impeccable. Area real estate brokers and agents routinely refer their clients to our office for guidance with purchases and sales of properties.

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Before your real estate transaction closes, turn to Gayle Law Firm for a detailed and accurate title search. Call our Lake Charles office at or contact us online to schedule a consultation.